Liberty: The Second City Saint (Page 1-9)

Doing an experiment here. I was thinking of just forgoing the cost of having the 22 page Liberty #1 printed and just running the full issue here on this website. But. I was not sure how a full comic page would look on PostHaven. I'd prefer to print it, personally, but we're talking $4k to do the full 22 pages (color, text, ect.) and then another $2k to print it. And then there's the cost of distributing it at conventions for free. But if I'm just going to give the thing away for free, this might be a bit better.

I haven't decided.

Anyway, this is the "cover" to the eight page preview comic for Liberty: The Second City Saint. The awesome art was done by Francisco Trebuxet.

I have a writing assignment I need to finish, but once it's done I'll come back in with a "Writer's Commentary" and talk about what's going on with this picture.

Until then ... courage.

(That's a really obscure reference from the old Clerks animated cartoon. Go watch it.)

How To Be (Internet) Famous

Over at SiliconAngle I'm doing a weekly serious called "How To Be (Internet) Famous". You can check out the past four posts here. The new one should be up tomorrow or Friday.

I'm also still doing stuff for The New York Observer. A new column should appear next week. The older ones can be found here.

I got so caught up with the book proposals that I forgot to make this post and let you know where to find a lot of my writing these days.

Go check it out. I'll start posting here once I know which of the book proposals, if any, my agent wants me to go with. 

Marvel's Major Villain Has A Sense Of Humor, Is Also A Dick

I've said this elsewhere, but my biggest problem with the (otherwise excellent) Marvel movies is that the way the villains are handled sucks. 

They have a lot of potential, but most of the time they're barely in the film, and when they are, they're not given much to do but look evil and say PG-friendly things that sound menacing.

Thanos, although he was a Darkseid ripoff, is way better than the character he's an imitation of. Like a lot of stuff in DC that's not Justice League International, Darkseid is cold and humorless. 

Thanos on the other hand is evil, but he has this dark sense of humor about him which makes him entertaining. He has also thrown down with everyone, including encounters with Deadpool, Squirrel Girl, and She-Hulk. 

When was the last time you saw Darkseid do anything with non-major characters?

Thanos has been given limited screen time thus far where he talks (two scenes in "Guardians of the Galaxy" and the end credits to "Avengers: Age of Ultron"), but Marvel's track record with villains being what it is, I doubt we'll get to see his full personality in the upcoming films.

I hope I'm wrong. 

If you want to get to know the character better before he shows up again in the movies, go check out "Marvel: The End" and "The Infinity Gauntlet." 

(Don't bother with the sequels to The Infinity Gauntlet, which are The Infinity War and the Infinity Crusade. They blow.) 

Also: "Annihilation" was pretty great and involves the Guardians of the Galaxy you saw in the movies. Not the shitty Guardians of the Galaxy I grew up reading.

(Source: "Thanos" #7 by Keith Giffen and Ron Lim)

Rejected Headlines I Sent To The Onion

Back in 2013, I applied for a writing job with The Onion. As part of the process, you're supposed to submit some sample Onion-style headlines. Here's what I sent in:

Tired Of Japanese Torture Porn, Man Tries Online Dating

Toothpaste Found To Boost Self-Confidence Despite Crippling Side-Effects

Crazed Lunatic Goes For Leisurely Stroll

Heavy Social Media Usage Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

Chicago Abbey Sees Sharp Rise In Applications, Cites "Penis Burglars", Recession As Cause

Turning 30? Might As Well Kill Yourself, Says Therapists

Professional Wrestler Stricken With Heart Of Gold

Neighborhood Dog Goes On Multi-State Rampage After Bandana Stolen

4/5 Patients Agree Their Dentist Experience Wasn't As Traumatic As Hoped

Vampires To File Class Action Defamation Suit Against Twilight author Stephenie Meyer 

Area Man's Passive Aggressive Wireless Network Name Successfully Deters Freeloader

Pope To Intergalactic Hunting Enthusiast: “I Ain’t Got Time To Bleed”

To The Surprise of Everyone, Internet Start-up Found To Have Solid Business Model

Roger Ebert And Stephen Hawking To Review Movies, Creepy Robot Voices On New Show

Mall Employees Found To Have Great Sex, Love Jobs In New Opinion Poll